Are you a nurse or student nurse, working in a hospital, in the community, a clinic or a nursing home? Do you – like almost anyone – want to be happy in your everyday life in and out of work?

If your answer to both questions is ‘yes’, then this website might just be for you. Your vital profession is why we founded this upcoming community, which is where nurses can join together, share experiences, offer advice to each other, organise meetups and fundraising, socialise, and discuss how to make the most of their time tending to patients each day.

Our aim is for nurses to feel happier together on the web and to become stronger in each other’s presence – we understand that at times, nursing can be an overwhelming profession where the stress of a sudden rush of people to care for can seem like too much. Fortunately nurses, being generally strong and resourceful people, can help each other through the worst of the stress and realise that their job is vital, wonderful and hugely useful to society.

Spotlight: Company Contact Numbers

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