O2 (Top Up) Contact Number: 0345 606 2277

To make an O2 top up, just dial 4444 from your O2 mobile phone or you can contact 0345 606 2277 if you’re calling from a different network.

O2, the UK arm of the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, is the second most popular UK mobile network today. O2 was founded by BT Group, the parent company of EE, but was later sold to Telefonica in 2005.

O2 offers pay monthly and pay as you go tariffs and sims to their customers. They also have 4g, mobile broadband and even O2 wifi hotspot connectivity.

If you are using an O2 pay as you go sim and would like to know how to get an O2 top up, then just follow the instructions below.

O2 on the Web

You can set up an auto O2 top up if you don’t want to run out of credits. By following these instructions, you’ll be allowing O2 access to your credit card or debit card. Just sign in to My O2 here: http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2 You can choose the amount of your automatic top up and choose when you get it. It could be on a certain day or it could activate when you’re low on credits. You can change or cancel this auto top up mechanism any time.

If you want to top up via the web, then use the top up portal here: https://www.o2.co.uk/webtopup/

If you’re experiencing issues with your O2 Top Up, then contact them via chat here: http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus Click on the ‘Start a live chat’ option to the left.

Phone O2

You can also get an O2 top up by calling 4444 from your O2 mobile. You can even top up from a landline by calling 0845 606 2277.

You can also use a cash machine to top up. Just use the machines with the green logo.

If you’re using an E-Top Up card, call 248 from your mobile and enter the 19-digit sequence on the back, then follow this with the PIN composed of 5 digits.

If you’re abroad, you can dial 4444 for a top up. You can also call +44 (0) 1753 552 277 for any mobile or landline or 03456 062 277 from any available landline. If these are not allowed by the country’s mobile or telephone networks, then dial 111# and press call. Be reminded that before you hear a ring, your mobile phone will go to a standby mode momentarily.